Did you see us in the news this week?  On Monday we kicked off our no-idling campaign with an event in front of our school where we put up signs.  The signs let our community members know that exhaust and pollution are bad for our asthma, and kids in general.  Reporters from the Chicago Tribune, ABC news and CBS news all came to interview us.  Click here to read the article that was on page 4 of the Chicago Tribune this last Tuesday!!!!
Welcome to our blog!  We are SMART--the Hedges Elementary Student Media-based Asthma Research Team.  Hedges Elementary is located in Back of the Yards, a neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago.  Take a look around our website.  We have videos, posters, pictures and a lot more information about asthma to share with you.  We will keep updating the blog so please come back soon to learn more!